Creative Expedition


Morroco / June 02016

How might a powerful global NGO adopt a culture of human-centered design?

Metapattern worked with PSI / Tanzania and The Curious Company to build an immersive microsite to encourage the adoption of human-centered design for developmental projects in East Africa.  


PSI / Tanzania


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


March 02016


  • Filmmaking

  • Photography

  • Site Design


Our Process

Metapattern and Stimulus embedded with PSI / Tanzania for a week-long Design Immersion in Dar es Salaam. The Immersion, facilitated by The Curious Company, sought to explore novel solutions to the epidemic of teen pregnancy throughout Tanzania and most of Sub-Saharan Africa. The immersion focused on 

To carry the value of Human Centered Design (HCD) beyond the immersion itself, Metapattern and Stimulus worked together to create an immersive microsite, including a short documentary film, that could tell the story of this immersion as an example of the emerging role of HCD at PSI.



Our Reflection

"I have participated in lots of these type off sites over the years and yours was by far the deepest and most connected to purpose that I have ever experienced. We were channeling so much progressive energy and the work is seamless and beautiful. Thank you for your talents, energy, and incredible expertise. Now we go change the food system thru activating those same qualities in our portfolio companies."

- Jeff Dunn, Acre Partner