Identity Immersion

Acre Venture Partners

Ojai, California / February 2016

How might a $125 million venture fund invest in a food systems revolution?

Metapattern worked with Acre Venture Partners, a new fund investing in the future of food, to discover and develop their brand identity through a 2-day design immersion at a historic ranch in Ojai, California.  


Acre Venture Partners


Ojai, California


February 15-16, 2016


  • Identity Design

  • Brand Strategy

  • Immersion Facilitation


Our Process

We believe that the greatest art emerges from direct experience, not abstract ideas. As such, Metapattern guided an immersive exploration of Acre's place in our emerging world.

From these inquiries, we began to see the outline of Acre's brand take shape. Our team worked as instigators, guides and craftsmen, structuring our conversation and collecting insights as they fomented. We captured the best and brightest gems and found the patterns amongst them. These constellations formed the foundation of Acre's identity, and guided our visual and symbolic exploration.

After a series of structured conversations, we began building Acre's visual identity together in realtime. Our creative process began with an inquiry into values, then took shape as a logo through iterative prototyping, moving from playful low-fidelity sketching Monday evening into high-fidelity vector art by the first light of Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon, we worked together to craft Acre's manifesto, and put the pieces together as a marketing site for their brand launch.


Acre - Agenda - MondayAcre - Agenda - Monday
Acre - Agenda - TuesdayAcre - Agenda - Tuesday

Our Results

Artifacts & Outcomes


Our Reflection

"I have participated in lots of these type off sites over the years and yours was by far the deepest and most connected to purpose that I have ever experienced. We were channeling so much progressive energy and the work is seamless and beautiful. Thank you for your talents, energy, and incredible expertise. Now we go change the food system thru activating those same qualities in our portfolio companies."

- Jeff Dunn, Acre Partner